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This project was to redesign the information commons with better technology and  to create more work area for the students.

This project began March 22, 2011 and was completed July 9, 2011.

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Hybrid vs. Gas powered vehicles

Car companies have already cornered the market on gas powered vehicles. The planet has to go green in order to sustain its self. In the same way people have to use good hygiene in order to stay healthy. If I were a car manufacturer, I would lobby the next “go green” world leaders. As my marketing plan, I would tell them the car companies could use Hybrid first as a stepping stone to convert to all electric and then the demand for electricity would go up. Next, lobby for power plants to convert from coal to windmills and wave power. There could be a chain reaction of going greener faster. Then capitalize on all the electric cars I just invested in.  Car companies will probably branch off a new name for their Hybrid line of cars. Comparing hybrid cars v.s gas powered cars is similar to organic food v.s processed food. You probably noticed that  food company’s branch off a new name and produce all their organic food under that name. That  way, if demand changes and it turn out people are not willing to change over to organic food anymore, the company can just trashes the organic branch and still keep producing that toxic food that we all love.

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